Family History!

Perpetuating a family heritage goes beyond simply inheriting the land and the love for wine. It involves embracing the history of our ancestors while infusing vineyard cultivation and winemaking with our own modern and dynamic vision.

The First Traces

The early years of the vineyard estate, where families of winemakers have succeeded one another for 7 generations.



The Terroir at the Heart of the Family

Passing down one of the most beautiful plots the estate cultivates today, representing 8.12 ares, which belonged to the grandparents.

Domaine Camu is Born!

Creation of Domaine Christophe Camu by Christophe in Maligny. First bottles are commercialized.



Expanding the Estate

In 1996, Christophe Camu acquired a 3.63-acre plot of Chablis Grand Cru “Les Clos.”

Chablis, as an Obvious Choice

The estate settles in the heart of the village of Chablis, taking over the cellars of Maison Berthier, a historical wine merchant in the region.



The New Generation Joins the Estate

After studying viticulture in Beaune, Dylan, imbued with the same passion as his father, joins the domain and continues the family business with determination and ambition.

Pinot Noir, Another Key Grape in Burgundy

Because curiosity and interest in other grape varieties of Burgundy also drive him, Dylan expands the range of wines with Irancy, thus developing his own selection.