These convictions naturally extend to the cellar, where each plot is vinified separately. The art of winemaking is defined by the utmost respect for the terroirs and the raw material, the grapes. Chardonnay is the king grape variety.
In Chablis, its purest expression is honored at every stage of winemaking, with great emphasis placed on minimal intervention in the wines, allowing each cuvée to express its maximum potential.

Christophe Camu

Christophe takes great pleasure in extracting the full expression and finesse from the precious terroir of Chablis. Combining mastery and tradition, along with respect and modernity, he devotes his full attention to crafting delicate and simply good wines.

Dylan Camu

Passionate about viticulture and having grown up amidst the vineyards of the domain, Dylan brings a contemporary approach while creating balanced Chablis wines, respecting the unique characteristics of each vineyard exposition and terroir.